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40 Days With the God of Elijah

Take your worship of God to a higher level.

Expect and receive supernatural transformation from God for a life of dominion through this Album, WIND OF THE HOLY GHOST.

This Album is a rare mix of 16 original anointed, covenant-rooted, worship, praise, healing glory, and revival outpouring songs from a collection of over 1,500 Songs of Glory downloaded to me directly by the Holy Spirit over the years.

These songs pulsate with the very nature of God. They echo my love for God and His revelations to me about His love, power, presence, glory and dominion. They also reveal the power of Christ’s resurrection, His Name and His Blood, etc.

Tracks on album:

1. Your Presence Lord
2. His Name Is Jesus
3. An Amazing God
4. Because Of Your Love
5. A God Who Keeps His Promise
6. You, My Strong Tower
7. A Child Of The King
8. God Is Love
9. I Know My Christ Lives
10. I Need You Lord
11. Hallelujah! Jehovah
12. Christ Shed His Blood
13. A Sound Of Praise
14. Wind Of The Holy Ghost
15. He Is The Greatest

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