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Favour Land Christian Books and Music is committed to:

● Doing Business in Integrity and Favour of God.

● Spreading the anointed life-changing Word through Print, Media and other Christian Resources to the Nations.

● Transforming lives through renewing their minds with appropriate ministry resources.

● Bringing salvation, healing, deliverance, and other needed breakthroughs to individuals, families, churches, communities, cities, and nations..

● Equipping people with proven success and victory keys.

● Offering a fresh, pure, unadulterated, extravagant approach to true worship of God.

● Impacting lives and nations with God’s revival fire and setting people’s hearts ablaze to be effective witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

● Equipping people with faith-building, life-changing teachings and testimonies.

● Providing people with kingdom-oriented health, fashion and beauty tips.